Them thar hills……

Whoeee, now I understand why so many Virginians have one leg shorter than the other….nothing’s level in the western part of the state!

I thought we were doing hills yesterday. Our average speed of about 35 mph yesterday was racing compared to today. Took 3 hours to go 60 miles! A couple times I almost could reach out the window and touch the tail of the coach as we wound around some hairpins.

The pictures below were taken at the beginning of today’s route. Divided four lane ended after 10 miles. Still, it was slower than usual because of the lonnggg hills. Banging on 35 at the top of many uphills. Long downhills aren’t worth much, because we just cannot go over 65 because of braking needs and tire limitations

Speaking of tires, we found another limitation today. When we visited Heartwood, “southwest Virginia’s artisan gateway”, the parking lot was fairly tight for the Taxi. After we parked, I found our front tires had ground off an inch of fresh asphalt where we turned tightly! Whoops. Each front tire supports about twice the total weight of a normal car.

Ended up in Breaks Interstate Park, huge place located at Breaks Gorge, the deepest gorge east of the Mississippi. It’s called “interstate park” because it includes land in Virginia and Kentucky. Also called “Grand Canyon with clothes on” because of its size and lush vegetation.

We called ahead to verify availability of a suitable spot to park. Arrived to find the staff had specifically gone out to the campground and paced off some spaces to be certain of size! We have a lovely site with all the hookups. Will do a photo tomorrow when there’s daylight.

Can almost touch branches out our windows, surrounded by hills and lush vegetation. And all the comforts of home….can luxuriate in long, hot showers, without thought to drain the water tank nor fill the holding tank. AC just hums along without the usual cacaphony of the diesel generator.

Took so long to get here, we’re gonna stay!

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