From superlative to superlative

Often it seems we leave one scene of superlative beauty, and turn the corner for another!

It helps to pick a path through the Blue Ridge Mountains on successive sunny days.

As you can see from our locator (under the Here we are! tab), we’re deep in the midst of Virginia. We spent the day “swimming against the tide” by traveling nearly due west from Galax to Abingdon. Since the mountains mostly run southwest to northeast, it meant there are no big roads.

In fact, midway along our route, we were met with large signs at an intersection that warned the next section of roadway was not recommended for trucks over 30 feet long. Oops, at 45 feet we couldn’t hope to just go slowly and make it through.

No problem, took the other route. HA, it was tighter than what we’d already been driving, so I’d hate to see what the section was like with the warning.

But glorious, all of it!

Too tight to stop and shoot photos. Every time there was some kind of pull-out, it was near some dreadful scene. Woeful poverty and decay in so many places. Interesting highlight: mile after mile of carefully cultivated evergreen trees that rolled up and over hill after hill, all neatly arrayed in rows that were grouped by cross-paths for machinery access. Christmas tree farms!

Took about 6 hours to travel about 85 miles, due to interruptions for lunch, grocery shopping, and refueling the coach….and the typical 35 mile per hour pace on mountainous roads.

We’re here in Abingdon, VA to see a brand new facility that highlights the many, many artisans of southwest Virginia. Heartwood just opened two weeks ago, and this coming weekend is its grand opening celebration. Get it? The state slogan is “Virginia is for lovers”.

Will spend tomorrow exploring it. Tonight, we’ve simply pulled into a large parking lot beside the main taxiway of the Virginia Highlands Airport. The runway is at eye-level as we look out the coach windows.

2 thoughts on “From superlative to superlative

  1. So nice to hear about your wanderings, etc.! Sounds like you’re enjoying the slower pace of RV life! I did add Doug to my FB friends today and want to tell you that my Hazelnut Heaven bar is out! You can find it at a Target, hopefully! It’s here in Dayton and I’ve bought some to sample. Pretty good stuff!
    So nice you could see Sharon and Kirk and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Enjoy it all and keep that AC humming! It’s really hot here too.

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