We sure settled in quickly…..

We found an opportunity to stop for a few days in a settlement off I-77 near the Virginia & North Carolina border called Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort.

A motorcoach resort is where you buy a lot with a concrete pad for your coach, with the necessary utilities, but also with some extras that can make it almost feel like a house: small building for a more elaborate kitchen, or full-size bath, or fully furnished office, or just storage for your motorcycle. And grass, bushes, lawn furniture!

Why, you ask, would you buy land to park your coach? Good question. Most of the people here actually still own houses, too.

I suppose this is pretty much like having a vacation cottage somewhere, and you bring the primary living quarters with you. It’s just a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, and one couple leaves their motorcycle here most of the year so they can drop in with the coach, and take off on the bike.

The weather here is certainly more mild than much farther south or north. And it’s sure quiet and lovely.

The biggest attraction may be the fine community of people. With 28 of the 70 lots sold, there is some variety but mostly a convivial spirit. Nearly everyone is out during the day, walking little dogs and talking to neighbors. Some walk to the clubhouse for clothes washing or the nearby dumpster. Cars are in and out for the restaurants and stores a couple miles away.

Everyone has been so kind and welcoming to us. We’ve told them we’re new to full-time RVing, and this concept doesn’t fit within the picture for our lives. Several said that had been true for them, too, but here they are all settled and happy.

We’re certainly happy here.

But watch our Google locator tomorrow afternoon…..it should show us all unsettled, somewhere north of Wytheville, VA.

1 thought on “We sure settled in quickly…..

  1. Doug; great news and views. Joyce is eager to go full time, told her its nice to have at least one “residence”. Climate should be favorable too. Blessings and happy trails.TC

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