Good Samaritans still exist!

One of our three ACs tried and tried to start last night, but wouldn’t run. We figured it would have to wait until tomorrow to be looked at by a pro, being as pros need holidays too.

We figured wrong. Got ready to roll this morning, and as our final act, opened the front curtains. Lo, through yonder window, an AC guy’s truck stopped right in front of the Taxi, with the AC guy in it, talking to someone! [sorry, we watched “Shakespeare in Love” tonight].

Taking it to be some kind of sign, we hopped out and talked to him. Got him to climb the ladder on the Taxi, with his tools, and just take a quick look. His gauges said it was just the start capacitor and its switch. Good news….cheap, common to find, and easy to replace! He almost had one in his truck, but it was for residential equipment and much too big.

Very common problem with these motorhomes; some more experienced owners carry several spares, I found from the online forums today. HA, tomorrow we will become one of those experienced owners!

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