If you can love a hunk of metal…..

We’ve certainly developed a healthy affection for our generator….it keeps that bank of 8 batteries charged so we have lights, pumps, refrigerator, microwave, tv, Clapton on the CD player, hot water, etc, etc.

But….but….in this HEAT….it runs our air conditioners!

Late yesterday, it overheated, and shut off.

Oh woe, it was 94 degrees!

Finally figured this morning that we’d simply overworked it….given it too much electrical load, too little room to breathe, and maybe allowed it to get a t-i-n-y bit short on radiator fluid.

Treated it like an elderly lady today, and even changed its oil sooner than required. The nice man at Speedco knew just what it needed.

Maybe not love, but certainly a deep and abiding affection for that diesel-chugging hunk of metal.

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