Almost stayed in a nice place tonight

Spent several hours today diverting, digressing, or otherwise leaving our route in order to explore Pipestem Resort State Park. Cool drive up-down-and-around south of Beckley, WV, which took us to the long ridge and peak of a large mountain that hosts this wonderful park.

Real challenge for the Taxi to get there, and then to navigate in the park. Sorry, we spent our time learning about camping arrangements (whew, tight for the Taxi) and generally exploring….so we missed any chance to take photos. Looks like we’ll be back there next weekend, when we’ll shoot like crazy!

The day was a lovely series of magnificent vistas.

Their camp was jammed for the weekend, and we needed to move along. Made some progress down the road to Sharon’s place in Albemarle, NC. Should make it to Statesville, NC tomorrow evening. Camping at Lowe’s Park tonight in Wytheville, VA.

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