Can’t get a campsite

We’re making our way from Bremen, IN to Sharon’s place in Albemarle, NC. We love the varied countryside, and try to take the smallest roads that make sense for this Big Rig so we can experience the terrain, houses and yards, and the way little towns exude their “community” with tidy appearance….or otherwise.

I’ve said it before, that picking a special parking spot for the night is something we like, but it doesn’t make sense (or dollars) to go off our route very far nor to pay money for a campsite that doesn’t provide the 50amp electric that we need for AC or washer & dryer. But a campground close by, and for a night when it’s cool enough without AC, and we’re caught up on washing….

Actually, it’s never happened that way. We’ve paid for campgrounds only when they had the big 50amp electric and we needed AC & laundry!

Last night at Alum Creek State Park just above Columbus, OH. Great place. So hot we waited until nearly dark to get out with the boys for a walk! Campsite was so overgrown with trees and underbrush that I had to trim before I could back in, then Robyn had to hold some branches out of the way! So sorry not to have taken a photo, because you could hardly see the Taxi as you drove past!

Today we drove through the spectacular Hocking Hills area of Ohio, but the timing of this leg of the trip didn’t allow us to spend the night here.

Ah, but remember what I said awhile back about “plans”?

We’ve been trying to get our hands on some of Ryan’s meds that weren’t ready when we left Dayton. Jared next-day mailed them to us at the paint shop in Bremen. Except the shop’s office door was briefly locked, just as the mailman arrived with our package. We forgot to inquire before we left town after our work was finished on Tuesday. The next day we realized our mistake and called the Bremen post office. Yep, package still there. Great, forward it to Rockbridge, OH, a little town we’d drive through today in the heart of Hocking Hills.

HA! Too small for next-day mail deliveries….Rockbridge only gets second-day mail deliveries!

So we’ve had to halt progress, and stay for the night….right in the heart of Hocking Hills. Hey, the state park is only 10 miles away and they’ve got 50amp service. Let’s go.

We did, they had multiple sites still available (just ahead of the Fourth?)…..all too short for the Big Taxi. We tried several, and nearly got trapped in the campground because the driveways don’t all loop back to the office. Nearly scraped the coach on any number of signs, dumpsters, trees, and cars parked near the drives at campsites. We had to give it up!

This is written from Camp Wally Mart, our generator providing all the AC we need. Consoled myself with Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s.

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