The way it should be…..

Father’s Day…..with all its perceptions, perspectives, and preconditions.

Fathers…..with all their expectations, exceptions, and exactions.

Children…..with all their guilt, gladness, and gullibility.

None of that. The day should just be spent with each other, enjoying who you are, where you are, and how much fun it is to be together!

Like this:

4 thoughts on “The way it should be…..

  1. As a gratefully retired English teacher, I find your Fathers’ Day reflections most satisfying to read: great alliteration, good parallel structure, and thoughtful truths concisely expressed. Love your pictures and postings. Trudy Johnson

  2. Doug.. You are truly a Wonderful Father.

    Your posting brings uh Tear to my eye !!!!

    YOU DA MAN, Doug.. or I should say Father !!!!

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