Dayton means Eagles!

The nesting pair of Bald Eagles in Dayton has been the object of attention and affection for the past three years by a small cadre of observers who called themselves the Eastwood Eagle Watchers. The eagles have finally been successful this year in hatching and raising two babies, and the youngsters are due to fledge (fly for the first time) any day.

What better weekend to hold a cookout at Eastwood Lake?

And we were there. Robyn was a supremely faithful Eastwood Eagle Watcher each year….right up to the point where we moved into the Taxi and took off. Today was a warm and wonderful reunion for her with the four or five others who have been such faithful supporters of this pair of eagles. Ho ho, and the food was great! She even managed to eat some of the softer stuff.

But the topper was when everybody grabbed their cameras and binoculars, and headed to the nest.

As you can see, no adults, just the two immatures on a branch off the edge of the nest…..just itching to fly!

2 thoughts on “Dayton means Eagles!

  1. Golly Folk, or I should say ( FRIENDS ) and Very Good ones to boot…
    Just looked up Yer BIG TAXI sight .. AWESOME to say the least !!
    So nice to have seen Ya again yesterday, and wishing all of ya well on Yer ventures to come !!!!

    Roger ( that wierd man over there with his camera ) & Marcia..

    HA HA Just had to add that, Robyn

  2. If you are bad campers, I am a bad picnic (er). Thanks for the invite, but the rain was a deterrent for me. I ended up getting wet several times yesterday anyway! I did get a good afternoon nap though! Sounds like you had fun. I will stop by to see you again this week before you move on if I know the address! Let me know if you need anything else–I am free Mon afternoon through Fri afternoon.

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