We get to share all the best!

Although we keep on the move, it allows us to skim the cream.

We spent a day with Grandma Fell in Kokomo, then left her yesterday morning and made the big drive to Dayton for an afternoon appointment about the twins. At 150 miles, that’s double our usual max for a day. Busy day, too. Had to fill the diesel tank, and stock up on provisions in preparation for Robyn’s dental work this morning and the possibility we would be immobile for many days.

Also had to catch big brother Jared’s softball game at Delco Park in Kettering. Great park on a lovely evening!

Had a chance to get Ross walking on his own, just following Robyn’s voice. Rare for him, but he did very well!

Also rare for the three brothers to be together! Got to watch Jared’s game while parked alongside the curb, windows open just outside the outfield fence….could hear the banter of the players and the smack of the ball as it hit Jared’s catcher mitt, even with our air conditioning running!

It was a day filled with the best!

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