A quiet walk

We usually find ourselves in new surroundings….that has been a major point of this whole arrangement with the Big Taxi. Sometimes you’ve gotta be careful what you ask for!

New surroundings means you spend time getting your bearings, finding where basic needs can be met, and figuring out where the good stuff is and where the bad stuff is. We can spend most of our time getting, finding, and figuring….where’s time to actually use the information?

But what’s our rush? We rarely have a schedule. So we take our time.

On the other hand, we also find ourselves stuck in a circumstance without the ability to know ahead of time or to be prepared.

Today, for example. We came into Bremen, IN last Friday evening on a whim, at the invitation of the new friend we made at the generator service company in Elkhart. He was heading to a shop that he said did really nice paint and repair work (Precision Painting & Interiors), where a bunch of its employees previously worked for the company that built our coach (Travel Supreme). In fact, Precision Painting had painted all of the factory’s coaches (true, their sticker is in our coach).

We were scheduled in two weeks with another shop for repair or adjustment of issues we bought with the coach; maybe Precision could deal with them now.

Sure enough, if we’d wait a day, they could do our list. We waited at their big new shop, plugged in to 50 amp electric, access to fresh water and sewer dump right there, huge expanses of concrete to walk on, surrounded by mowed lawns. What’s the rush, life is good!

Today we drove the half mile to the other shop: classic scruddy automotive repair shop, room for 10 coaches inside, dreadful brief parking lot, no berm or sidewalk on the narrow street. They decide to work on our rig in the parking lot!

Well, at least it’s a lovely day and we can stay inside the coach.

Their guys work hard, work steadily, work with a sense of humor, and even accept some help from me! I even remember another issue to fix: a little wind sensor on the roof that brings in the big awning when the wind gets too strong, even if we’re not there….it was broken when we bought the coach. Sure, they can fix it because it’s easy and they have a replacement in stock. Ho ho, sure they do….it’s worth its weight in gold: $180! But it could save a $6000 awning.

But as you know, Ross & Ryan cannot simply stay in the Taxi all day, no matter how nice the breeze, how good the Clapton music, how wonderful Robyn’s food. They’ve gotta walk.

Robyn, she wants a nice, quiet walk, especially for Ross.

What Robyn wants, she usually gets, one way or another.

A quiet walk just half a block from our outdoor repair site (notice the sign):

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