Just a hint….

We’ll be in Dayton this Thursday afternoon, and Robyn will have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled Friday morning. Your prayers will be much appreciated.

She is so optimistic about the outcome that she’s scheduled us to participate in an Eastwood Eagle Watchers potluck on Sabbath (Saturday) at Eastwood Lake Metropark!

Stop on by!

We’ll be in the woods section with a shelter, not on the lake. Look for the Big Taxi!

4 thoughts on “Just a hint….

  1. How did she manage to get to 57 and still have her wisdom teeth? Take the valium they offer you and sleep off the pain. My 16 year old had it done this past summer. And don’t get “dry socket”–that really hurts!

  2. Tell Robyn to make sure and ask for those teeth, it will be her last time to hit up the tooth fairy! I did that a few years back, all four at once and I survived! Use lots of ice on those cheeks.

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