It isn’t always what it seems

We often find something wonderful in the midst of negative.

Generator quit Wednesday and that took out our 3 rooftop ACs, right in the midst of near 100 degree heat in lower Michigan. Only 50 miles from a great shop that sells these big diesel generators.

HA, they couldn’t schedule us before next Tuesday!

We still went to their shop, because they had a “campground” out back where we could plug in. But their plug is only 30 amps, and we need 50 to run everything. Double HA, we could run only 1 AC that night, and frequently had to switch it off in order to run something else big.

They got to us on Friday!

Good news, it was only a $15 belt! Ouch, 3 hours labor!

Bad news after 2 hours: they don’t have the belt. Can’t get it before Monday. We’ll spend the weekend out back.

Good news after 2 more hours: they’ll take one off a new one in the back, and we’ll be on our way!

Here’s what was wonderful: another customer with a coach nearly identical to ours got to talking with us, and we made a good friend. He has already introduced us to another very good shop to do some of the specialized work we might need in the future (and we’re “camping” with him at that shop this weekend, so we can talk to the staff on Monday).

It also turned out that the generator shop staff worked very hard for us, the bill was quite reasonable, and we found they are equipped and trained to work on another of our crucial systems. We will begin seeing them for routine maintenance of these two systems which will probably avoid emergencies such as we experienced.

God helped us keep cool and collected (a number of customers and staff commented about our pleasant demeanor throughout this dreadful process) and we made it just fine through a very challenging several days.

Had to completely revise our plan for 7 days, but really, what was so important about that plan? Interestingly, the change in route on Wednesday night brought us to the edge of quite a storm system, so by Thursday morning we almost needed our heater! And you’ve gotta wonder how severe the storm MIGHT have been where we had been headed for the night.

We’re finding that what seems like a good plan isn’t always, and what seems like a really dreadful circumstance isn’t always!

3 thoughts on “It isn’t always what it seems

  1. Ah, so true! I am enjoying all your posts, and I keep thinking of how proud your mom would be of you and all that you have done, and all you are doing for/with your boys. Have a great week.

  2. Yes, what might have been…in your case, God sent you other than your GPS, but probably saved you greater problems. He’s a great God and is certainly in the driver’s seat. I enjoy your writing. Thanks for your blog and “happy trails” to you.

    Sharing a bit of my own interesting journey which I feel you are a part of. Robyn. After I attended your Depression seminar in late spring, 2005, who knew we would experience horrific trauma in our family when our son died. Forget depression! I wanted to die too. But God has carried me and my family along through this journey and now there is a book on the market. Who knew He would encourage me to write to Him and then publish “Shattered by Suicide” 6 years later? I am grateful for His leading. Should you want to google book search, you can read a few pages. It is global on Amazon. It is for those who find themselves unexpectedly in terrible pain and God will draw them to it. God promised my son’s death would not be in vain. So keep trusting! Keep showing God’s love! If your taxi does not bring us together again on this earth, C U on the C of glass!

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