Another walk in the park

We lead a weird life, it’s true. Here’s today’s scenario: we wake up in the Kroger parking lot with the gray water holding tank full and fresh water tank low. Nearest sewer dump and clean water fill is just a few miles away at a state recreation area….let’s go!

Beautiful day, beautiful park….let’s stay! Oops, no 50-amp electrical service at campsites, so we’ll have to run our generator all the time for AC (and we need to do laundry)….why pay to stay but supply our own electricity?

So we dumped as we pulled in, filled up with water, parked in grass in the shade of a tall tree, cranked up the AC, ate our lunch in comfort, gave the twins their baths, did some laundry, washed the Taxi’s front window and put on Rain-X, cleaned some diesel streaks near the filler doors and waxed the fenders, walked some shady trails down by the lake, dumped the tanks and filled up with fresh again, and left the park. All at no cost because we have the annual park pass.

And drove up the road 8 miles to a Home Depot lot where we’re parked for the night. Brighton, MI, quite the bustling place.

Fascinating parks on tomorrow’s agenda, and maybe a place called Heavenly Scent Herb Farm.

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