3 thoughts on “DSC_7367_a

  1. great picture Doug of your wife and boys. Sorry you’ve had such a bum day going to Hell and back. Better days will come I’m sure. I still think it pretty wonderful what you are doing with your family. God bless.

    • We think it’s the most wonderful way we could live life! We have a number of special circumstances that make it possible and make it necessary, and Robyn and I both are liking how it’s all fitting together. We’re still testing ways to do things….and learning things that don’t work…..but finding more things that DO work! As weird as it might seem to live in a parking lot overnight, the convenience of not varying your route even one mile and staying for absolutely no cost and being totally private behind the shades we pull down so we can completely go about our lives, these things really amount to a meaningful benefit. And I walked across the parking lot tonight and bought supper to go! We had Greek gyros for dinner.

  2. Hell or not, I always see smiles! Hope you are laughing alot at the frustrations … will make your life less stressful. 🙂

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