Hell and back

We told you of our intention to stay tonight at the other Waterloo campground. Noble intention, but it was only 6 or 8 miles away, and that wouldn’t help much toward our goal of exploring this section of Michigan.

So we decided over breakfast to access all the parks we could comfortably run across today, and then we’d find one to stay in for the night.


This section of the state doesn’t fit our coach very well…..we hit more low-hanging limbs today than in the rest of the two months we’ve been driving put together, we were shocked to find several parks could be accessed only down gravel roads (you should have seen us turn around when one road turned to gravel!), and the narrow roads were dreadfully bumpy.

So our roadway was, indeed, paved with good intentions, and today it took us to Hell…..you know, the sweet town of Hell, Michigan. Located northwest of Ann Arbor (home to the team that keeps banging its helmets against the Buckeye concrete wall), this block-long home to 221 people makes the most of its name by having three stores named Hell in a Handbasket, Screams Ice Cream, and Dam Site Inn. The ice cream lady wished me farewell with “have a helluva great day!”

Fortunately, we moved on. Despite the tight fit for today’s drive, we covered some lovely territory and the weather was magnificent. Today’s pictures give a view of the Taxi’s official plates that we picked up last week in Dayton.

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