This is life……..

It’s true that in some respects our lives are a perpetual vacation: no pressing schedule, if we have an appointment we can turn it into a fun trip with side trips and distractions for days. On the other hand, the demands are constant: routing this big Taxi takes planning and vigilance, its needs are manifold and sometimes cavernous, and then there’s Ross & Ryan!

But today illustrated making the most of all these factors. We had an appointment yesterday morning in Lima, OH, nearly 100 miles north of where we had been staying in Moraine. It caused us to miss a family Memorial Day cookout because we needed to get up there the night before. But we took two-lane back roads to get there, and stopped in the 90 degree heat at Ft Loramie State Park where we could walk in shade along the lake with a lovely breeze.

Then we used the Lima doctor appointment as the excuse to be nearly half way to the chassis factory, so let’s go there and clear up a nagging problem with the ABS for one wheel that keeps intruding on a pleasant tour. On a whim, we stopped off the interstate just shy of the Michigan border at Pokagon State Park. Lovely wooded hills that obscure a lake, just a couple miles from the highway. We had the place nearly to ourselves, and set up our rocking chairs in a parking lot (that’s where the mottled shade was, so we were warm and breezy, not hot and sunburned) while Doug worked on some new custom hoses for a frequent coach holding tank chore.

We’re able to pace ourselves with life’s chores by taking these interruptions when it’s convenient for us and for the boys.

Of course, last week’s poor weather postponed a big chore Doug needed to do with moving around a bunch of the basement load in an effort to lighten the front axle. This afternoon it became mandatory because the chassis factory has the fancy scales to weigh the coach at each wheel, and we needed to see how much good we could do with the existing load.

Made some wonderful and helpful changes to the load (tossed more stuff!), and everything is more accessible and more secure. Here’s hoping we moved several hundred pounds off the front axle.

2 thoughts on “This is life……..

  1. I like your positive attitude despite the challenges of The Big Taxi. Keep looking for those “God winks”!

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