Can’t get a campsite

We’re making our way from Bremen, IN to Sharon’s place in Albemarle, NC. We love the varied countryside, and try to take the smallest roads that make sense for this Big Rig so we can experience the terrain, houses and yards, and the way little towns exude their “community” with tidy appearance….or otherwise.

I’ve said it before, that picking a special parking spot for the night is something we like, but it doesn’t make sense (or dollars) to go off our route very far nor to pay money for a campsite that doesn’t provide the 50amp electric that we need for AC or washer & dryer. But a campground close by, and for a night when it’s cool enough without AC, and we’re caught up on washing….

Actually, it’s never happened that way. We’ve paid for campgrounds only when they had the big 50amp electric and we needed AC & laundry!

Last night at Alum Creek State Park just above Columbus, OH. Great place. So hot we waited until nearly dark to get out with the boys for a walk! Campsite was so overgrown with trees and underbrush that I had to trim before I could back in, then Robyn had to hold some branches out of the way! So sorry not to have taken a photo, because you could hardly see the Taxi as you drove past!

Today we drove through the spectacular Hocking Hills area of Ohio, but the timing of this leg of the trip didn’t allow us to spend the night here.

Ah, but remember what I said awhile back about “plans”?

We’ve been trying to get our hands on some of Ryan’s meds that weren’t ready when we left Dayton. Jared next-day mailed them to us at the paint shop in Bremen. Except the shop’s office door was briefly locked, just as the mailman arrived with our package. We forgot to inquire before we left town after our work was finished on Tuesday. The next day we realized our mistake and called the Bremen post office. Yep, package still there. Great, forward it to Rockbridge, OH, a little town we’d drive through today in the heart of Hocking Hills.

HA! Too small for next-day mail deliveries….Rockbridge only gets second-day mail deliveries!

So we’ve had to halt progress, and stay for the night….right in the heart of Hocking Hills. Hey, the state park is only 10 miles away and they’ve got 50amp service. Let’s go.

We did, they had multiple sites still available (just ahead of the Fourth?)…..all too short for the Big Taxi. We tried several, and nearly got trapped in the campground because the driveways don’t all loop back to the office. Nearly scraped the coach on any number of signs, dumpsters, trees, and cars parked near the drives at campsites. We had to give it up!

This is written from Camp Wally Mart, our generator providing all the AC we need. Consoled myself with Willie Nelson’s Country Peach Cobbler ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s.

Polished within an inch of its life!

Check out the photos under The Coach which is under the tab Photos along the way. You do realize shine has a practical effect, right? It makes it easier to put polish on, and good polish keeps dust, dirt, and bugs from sticking so well, so the paint stays in better shape.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Hey, the Big Taxi works hard day in and day out….a day at the spa once a year isn’t too much to ask.

There’s parking, and then there’s Parking!

There’s nothing like having a peaceful, serene view out the window to really set the stage for a lovely evening and comfortable night.

Our travels often wind through centers of commerce, and we hesitate to drive out of our way too much just for some greenery that will disappear after sundown anyway. We work hard sometimes to find the right spot.

But tonight’s “campsite” was pretty special. Greenery so close you could almost reach out the window and touch it. Nestled down amongst the trees and shrubbery.

Really special.

I’m sorry, what did you say? “Turn around, what’s out the other window?”

Well…’s a little different…..

A study in contrasts

No quiz, so don’t study too hard. We’re mostly bored, sitting around watching paint dry….on our new air conditioner covers that replace the hail-damaged ones.

Taking away….giving back

We stop numerous times every day, and frequently find the surroundings cluttered with litter. Robyn observed that we usually have our own trash to dump, and it sometimes seems like an imposition that we stop just to walk Ross & Ryan, and then we fill a trash can with our refuse.

Perhaps, she said, we could give back just a little by picking up just a little.

So she bought a pair of grabbers and a cute little white bucket. Tried them out for the first time at the big ole rest area where we stopped out back with the Big Rigs. Ryan was a willing helper, pointing to trash….I mean holding the bucket.


We mean Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Finished the week in Dayton with check-ups for the twins by their pediatrician in Huber Heights (we love the office, why move on if we can stay with them?). Even got in on some drama: their office had lost power, so they called to ask that we go to their south office. Ho ho, not now….we’re just blocks away, and south is over 20 miles! Not in the Taxi. Besides, we need to head north afterward. They’re such sweeties, they agree to come out to the Taxi in their parking lot and do the physicals! We help carry the scales out and back.

Decided to eat a late lunch up the street at Carriage Hill MetroPark.

What luck…they were haying, and using mules to pull the wagon!


The way it should be…..

Father’s Day…..with all its perceptions, perspectives, and preconditions.

Fathers…..with all their expectations, exceptions, and exactions.

Children…..with all their guilt, gladness, and gullibility.

None of that. The day should just be spent with each other, enjoying who you are, where you are, and how much fun it is to be together!

Like this:

Dayton means Eagles!

The nesting pair of Bald Eagles in Dayton has been the object of attention and affection for the past three years by a small cadre of observers who called themselves the Eastwood Eagle Watchers. The eagles have finally been successful this year in hatching and raising two babies, and the youngsters are due to fledge (fly for the first time) any day.

What better weekend to hold a cookout at Eastwood Lake?

And we were there. Robyn was a supremely faithful Eastwood Eagle Watcher each year….right up to the point where we moved into the Taxi and took off. Today was a warm and wonderful reunion for her with the four or five others who have been such faithful supporters of this pair of eagles. Ho ho, and the food was great! She even managed to eat some of the softer stuff.

But the topper was when everybody grabbed their cameras and binoculars, and headed to the nest.

As you can see, no adults, just the two immatures on a branch off the edge of the nest…..just itching to fly!

Robyn’s dental work


No more wisdom teeth for Robyn. All four pulled this morning, plus another problem tooth, and she’s already demonstrating a fine recovery. Dr Daniel Cobb’s office staff did a superlative job, and Robyn is a superlative patient.

Ahh, but another key ingredient in this mix was dear friend Ann Barker, who performed taxi driver chores so the Big Taxi could stay parked and minimize upheaval for Ross & Ryan. She was superlative as well, and did so much more than provide transportation!

It all adds up to the best comfort possible.

We get to share all the best!

Although we keep on the move, it allows us to skim the cream.

We spent a day with Grandma Fell in Kokomo, then left her yesterday morning and made the big drive to Dayton for an afternoon appointment about the twins. At 150 miles, that’s double our usual max for a day. Busy day, too. Had to fill the diesel tank, and stock up on provisions in preparation for Robyn’s dental work this morning and the possibility we would be immobile for many days.

Also had to catch big brother Jared’s softball game at Delco Park in Kettering. Great park on a lovely evening!

Had a chance to get Ross walking on his own, just following Robyn’s voice. Rare for him, but he did very well!

Also rare for the three brothers to be together! Got to watch Jared’s game while parked alongside the curb, windows open just outside the outfield fence….could hear the banter of the players and the smack of the ball as it hit Jared’s catcher mitt, even with our air conditioning running!

It was a day filled with the best!