What a great place to park!

Moraine Airpark has kindly permitted us to park all week near its entrance, which provides a lovely panorama of green grass out our windows, and a wonderful grid of pavement for the planes to……taxi……from their hangars to the runway, which we can use for walks with the boys.

Not very busy, although things pick up after work on a clear evening. But the longer we’re here, the more we find. Pretty obvious has been the hangar for two hospital Care Flight helicopters. Their turbine engines and chopper blades make quite the sound coming and going.

Then there’s a building with a “Waco” sign. I guess so….there are 8 Waco planes inside in various stages of distress, restoration, and completion! Turns out, the owner is president of the National Waco Club organization, and he’s really hustling because the annual reunion fly-in occurs in just three weeks! Amazing machines from the 1930s. Just a taste:

Ross and Ryan have REALLY enjoyed the noise of the planes as their pilots test them at the hangars, as they taxi to and from, and as they make the BIG noise taking off. Life is good!

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