It was supposed to be slow…..

We were all set for a slow week in Dayton because the twins had multiple medical appointments in town around the Memorial Day weekend. I undertook some work on the coach on Tuesday that went, and went, and kind of took on a life of its own, and when it was finished…..I was finished! My knees the next morning were so swollen and sore I couldn’t squat down! Old snow skiing damage.

So Wednesday we took it easy, and just drove around for errands, and headed to Larosa’s to pick up a pizza. While waiting for it in the parking lot, the tornado sirens began to blare…..we decided to dine in!

The restaurant staff ended up having everyone huddle in the bathroom hallway. Hail began pounding the roof, and wind was sucking open the double set of doors out front.

No tornado hit us, although one briefly touched down about a half mile away. But the hail…..almost 3 inches in diameter. Every car in the lot had dents.

The Big Taxi……sat through it with tail to the wind, and its big fiberglass tail cap suffered no mark. But there were two broken tail lights, and plastic covers on the three roof air conditioners looked like the aftermath of target practice with an AK-47! And the driver’s mirror.

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