Ross and Ryan have attended school fulltime since they were 3 years old. They have spent the entire time in the Centerville Schools system, although the first 3 or 4 years were spent in special Montgomery County MRDD classrooms. Centerville district has been just wonderful the whole time, and the boys’ years in Centerville High School have been fabulous! The staff has always been hugely supportive and creative, loving and kind, energetic and devoted, and positive and enthusiastic!

At age 22, the twins have been granted high school diplomas, and we have withdrawn them from school just weeks ahead of the end of their 8th year in high school, so they could begin touring with us.

But there was no way they could miss the Special Prom!

The boys attended last year, where Ryan had a blast and Ross couldn’t put up with the blast! Ryan spent the entire time on the dance floor, and Ross spent the entire time walking the hallways with mom or dad. They are very different social personalities!

We made it back into town from Kokomo just in time to partially set up in the high school parking lot and change the boys’ clothes into suitable prom attire. The pictures below barely capture the fun and excitement they experienced this year; even Ross put up with the hullabaloo, because he was able to spend time with Michelle, one of his peer tutors!

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