This is the life!

A belated report from the dinner in St Joseph, MI on Sunday evening as we bid adieu to Michigan for awhile:

We parked the Taxi out in front of the Italian restaurant and opened the two front sliders so the living room was big and inviting, then went into the restaurant for a really fabulous meal with our dear friends. Afterward, we came out to the Taxi, turned on the fireplace, and sat around eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream!

Even Ross & Ryan enjoyed the evening, and Ryan demonstrated by holding the hand of his new friend, Rick.

This evening completed a day that captured the essence of our new arrangements: do life from place to place, spend the time to make the most of where you are, stay in touch with old friends and make new ones along the way, and help Ross and Ryan experience life to the fullest possible.

In fact, the evening did not complete the day, because we wanted to stop by Apple Valley Market in Berrien Springs on our way to Tuesday’s coach work in Elkhart. We figured a quick stop at the store, then on to Niles where we’d stop for the night at a Wal-Mart.

Did the store, and arrived in Niles. Big sign in parking lot: “no overnight parking.” Oops, city ordinance.

Drove 20 miles farther to Elkhart where we knew the Wal-Mart parking lot offered authorized parking. Ran across detour on the way, that sent us onto strange roads in the night. Arrived in Elkhart at 10:50pm.

Thus our day was actually completed.

But none of it took away from the great feelings from the time spent at breakfast and at dinner with friends.

2 thoughts on “This is the life!

  1. It sounds as if you got away from here without our having a chance to see you, but I know what it’s like when traveling and trying to see all the friends in any given place in a short time, and I’m sure it’s all complicated further by having the big taxi and the boys. I’m glad you had a good time, I assume at Papa Vino’s, and sorry you had trouble finding parking after that. I suppose by now you are on your way elsewhere.

    • We were knocked off plan by the need to return across the state for service, then when we blew into town the weather was soooo UNconducive to doing anything worthwhile!

      Still, I think we could have paced ourselves a little more, and stayed a little longer. We’re learning not to rush anything when it comes to this Taxi!

      We’ll give more notice next time….

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