Life is so good!

Short version from my phone: plans for So Haven rerouted by issue with coach that occurred in same system as earlier work. Went clear back to charLOTT, they looked & pronounced it good but found another, new issue and fixed it.

Arrived late last night on AU campus, had a good park, quick breakfast with dear Gretchen, and now we sit on the banks of the St Joe River for late lunch for Ross & Ryan. Actually, it’s cold & raining, so we’re in the Taxi in a parking lot watching the swollen waters go past a boat launch.

Supper shortly for “the big people” with dear friends Deb & Rick, Dena, and Nina. Liable to have great fun!

See, miss out on So Haven but changed schedule works well with friends!

That’s another reason we’ve done “the big change.”

2 thoughts on “Life is so good!

  1. I am not sure I would enjoy such an open ended life. It would be fun for a while, but then I would feel empty. I like to see things being done and accomplish things.
    However, I have always wanted to take a trip in one of those big taxi’s. I am glad that you are enjoying the freedom! It’s fun to read your blog and know the places you are visiting and even some of the people.


    • These new arrangements have certainly required a change in my modus operandi! For us with Ross and Ryan, “getting things done” and “accomplishing things” have always been hard to attain, certainly hard to measure. Now, our time is devoted to their care, and our effort is geared to doing it with variety and creativity in order to maintain our sanity! It’s not so much “fun” as it is a relief not to push toward some artificial goal established by circumstances.

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