Simple joys……

Hoffmaster State Park really was wonderful. We were nearly alone, it rained like the dickens at night but never a drop when we were awake, so we walked a bunch with Ross and Ryan, and the fresh green growth surrounding us made it all…….superlative!

And the practicalities: loaded up with good water and dumped our holding tanks on the way in, so did laundry, then dumped tanks again and topped off the water on the way out! Our lives are clogged with these mundane realities.

Headed up to Muskegon.

What a place! I’ve sold it short my whole life (well, so far), but no more! Nothing like being there just to explore….to help you find what’s really there. They’ve got not just the Lake Michigan shoreline, but also a huge bay. And they seem to realize their treasures are the water and the shoreline, because they devote so much street-scaping, traffic routing, and special parking and turn arrangements along the bay and lake. Everything is about water and sand!

The day began fairly cool and hazy, but by early afternoon it was sunny and hot. Welcome to Michigan summer. We walked, and walked some more. Tried some playground equipment just up from the lake’s waves. Ate a very late lunch in the Taxi.

Decided to start back down the coast a short bit for the night, so went to Grand Haven for the evening and strolled the channel with Ross & Ryan in their push chairs (so we could cover some ground but all live to tell about it). Hot, so we found some ice cream. Started down the pier toward the lighthouse, but it was getting late.

Headed out in the Taxi at 8p for the night’s stopping point: Wal-Mart south of Grand Haven. Oops, the city doesn’t allow living in your coach on streets or parking lots open to the public.

Found ourselves 24 miles father south at the same Wal-Mart north of Holland where we stayed two nights ago!

Figuring we’ll stay around South Haven tomorrow night.

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