Yesssss, Holland!

The nice evening in the Wal-Mart parking lot included doing a load of laundry, and the constant din of traffic about 5 feet from our windows (which were open because the evening and night were warm enough that a breeze was needed to sleep at all) and the service trucks for the store (which was open all night) kept us from falling into a sleep that was too deep.

Ok, enough whining, it was free and convenient for our route. Nice and level, too. Ate breakfast and showered in the Wal-Mart parking lot, behind our curtains.

Tulip Festival!

We cruised downtown at 10a on a Wednesday, and had the place to ourselves! Drove around, walked in parks, drove right onto Windmill Island, Robyn climbed up inside the windmill, we ate some Dutch food, and we saw, smelled, and touched more tulips than we had ever seen before! Our pictures don’t do them justice! Some very unusual ones, with fantastic shapes to their petals, and beds with fabulous mixtures of color and size.

We celebrated in the early afternoon by going up the coast above Grand Haven to Hoffmaster State Park. There were 3 campsites occupied out of 293; solitude was the word of the day. We decided to rough it, and asked for an unpaved campsite 😉

Our campsite was just a short hike through some glorious woods and sand dunes to Lake Michigan. Check out the happy faces as the boys enjoyed sand and cold lake water on their feet. Ross wanted to just sit down in the lake like he does with bath water, and was most unhappy that Robyn kept him from it!

The day saw temps pushing 80, and we ended it plugged into 50 amps that ran our ACs and another load of laundry. And no curtains, just a panorama of fresh greenery. Roughing it on a gravel campsite.

Onward and northward tomorrow. Maybe back down around Berrien Springs on Sunday. Maybe Cracker Barrel in Stevensville for breakfast on Monday; love to do breakfast with some of you then!

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