Holland, at last!

Ahhhh, Holland during Tulip Festival! Cloudy day that began with some sprinkles clears up as we travel west, and sun breaks through as we hit the coast! Went straight to the beach and Big Red, the Holland Harbor lighthouse (see Cool stuff photo). Drove through town but never found a spot to stop the Taxi, so kept driving. Tried to book a site in the state park, but even though it was nearly deserted, it was completely reserved through the weekend because of the festival!

We had a blast!

So guess where we stayed? Check out our view of the setting sun:

2 thoughts on “Holland, at last!

  1. I’m enjoying following your posts very much. If you’re in Holland now, I wonder if we’ll see you in Berrien before long. I’d offer you driveway space, but I’m not sure you could negotiate the cul de sac and turns, etc. I keep thinking your mom would have loved knowing about this adventure.

    • We’re hoping to arrange a stop in Berrien; thx for the offer of driveway space….but think you’re correct about turns, etc. Yes, Mom would love the adventure of it all!

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