Our lives are soooo glamorous!

Summit Lake State Park, IN Soggy day in an empty campground; we’re practically hostages in the Big Taxi! Still, we’re plugged in and hooked up…..meaning we’re using their electricity and water. Ahhhhh, long, hot shower. Aaaaand, let’s do laundry.

Hmm, dryer runs but won’t heat on their 30-amp service; gotta run our generator.

Hmm, not hooked up to sanitary sewer, so two long showers (Doug and Ryan) and two loads of laundry FILL UP THE HOLDING TANK! To remedy, gotta shut down and move Taxi to dump site, then back and set up.

Not gonna happen tonight. Robyn and Ross get sponge baths.

Past Glamour We spent last night at Moraine Airpark, right beside porta-johns from the day’s charity 5k run. Awakened by arrival of car after car, that parked so as to nearly block us in, for some follow-up event. Had to pull in and pull up and get going before showers or breakfast.

Which we then accomplished in the parking lot of the county septage plant (where we dump our holding tanks before leaving town). At least we were upwind.

Good joke, but unfair: the Montgomery County Septage facility is the cleanest, most sophisticated, and most convenient place we have found for the dreadful task of dumping our holding tanks. See the first comment under “What’s Next” by Steve Miller (I want to fly like an eagle); he is the county employee responsible for the operation of the facility, and will go well out of his way to help you understand and operate the service.

More Glamour Two nights ago we parked at the end of a short street that quit at a plowed field, beside a moving and storage company. Parked so close we could touch it, was a flat-bed 18-wheeler there for the weekend.

The appeal to us, besides its proximity to Eastwood Lake Metropark where we intended to spend the next day, was the ability to set up binoculars inside the Taxi and watch Dayton’s Bald Eagle nest out the front window! There’s a live webcam on the nest (http://www.boonshoftmuseum.org/programs-events/special-events/eagle-cam), and we managed to capture a frame that shows the two eaglets:

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