A new dawn…a new start

We might’ve given up on each other, but God sure didn’t give up on us….

In our separation, Robyn and I realized we had neglected our relationships with God. As we individually sought to make it The Main Thing, we found ourselves together at an event.

And we learned of our individual quests to re-center our lives on God.

We cautiously made plans to attend some events together that offered music and programming that could assist our search.

God was there all the time…just waiting for us to ask for His help. When we did…wow…we got it by the car load. Train car load….

txt 160617We began to enjoy each other’s company and to connect with each other in ways that had never happened before in our 22 years of marriage. The profound change enabled us to discuss our challenges and consider how we might meet them differently. The solution was to do life on God’s terms.

Robyn moved back to the coach, and in another week Ross did too.

We needed more time with God to see our path forward with Ryan. Throughout this restart, your prayers added so much of God’s comfort and reassurance!

The Spirit in each of us spoke the words to answer our questions and to calm our fears. The day dawned when we knew it was right to bring Ryan back to live with us.

While we learn to do life on God’s terms…and practice new habits…we plan to keep life simple and stay parked in Dayton for the summer.

God is good…all of the time.DSC_1342_a


Hardest post I’ve had to write….

As you read this, we have completed our run back to Dayton from Tillamook. Unfortunately, Robyn and I have found ourselves unable to continue living with each other nor with the boys.

This amazing, technicolor, round-and-round, traveling odyssey has come to an end.

Ross and Ryan are being cared for by Montgomery County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services, and we expect they will be placed in group homes shortly.

It has been an honor and a distinct pleasure to share our travels with you. Your comments have been so generous and joyous!

All these posts will remain for the next 12 months…I hope you will revisit them to remind yourself what a truly lovely planet we live on and a magnificent country we live in.

And to remember what fun we had traveling with each other!

I leave you with this image from our final contact with the Oregon coast at Hug Point.DSC_2927

Wait wait wait

Remember, you never turn your back on a sunset until you’re absolutely certain there’s no more light.

The heavy clouds right at the horizon kept us from knowing whether the sun had really gone below…but it certainly was not done making its presence known!DSC_2914

Oregon from top to bottom

In these last four weeks, we have spent time in four spots on the Oregon coast, from the southernmost in Brookings, to this northernmost in Tillamook.

The Lil Taxi has carried us literally from tip to tip. What a wonderful series of journeys!

The pictures in these last couple posts come from Hug Point State Park. We have enjoyed it several times in the past year or so…for its remarkable scenery, and for its convenient proximity to the parking lot!

You remember the sunset series from last year here: July 5, 2015, “Like a rock”?

This was my favorite.DSC_6691

You turn, go up the beach, and have a new perspective on the scene….

Here’s this year’s rocks at sunset.DSC_2883

Movin up

Tillamook! Oh, you’ve heard of the place?

Our trip up the Oregon coast was because we wanted to attend the wedding in Tillamook of my father’s widow, Barbara. She had reconnected with a cherished friend from first grade!

The event was a very lovely celebration, and we enjoyed being part of it.

Even before the wedding…just minutes after we arrived at our parking site and set up the coach…we jumped in the Lil Taxi and ran up the road to the next town to check on the status of a Bald Eagle nest.

It was occupied last year at this time, and we hoped to spot at least one of the adults.

Nobody home at the nest.

It was dusk and it was soooo dim. Maybe one would be fishing in the sparking light of sunset on Tillamook Bay a block away.

Good guess.DSC_2941

And he or she got something….DSC_2950

A final shot at Thor

We awoke to the prediction of a lovely day, and it looked promising.

Might it give us another shot…to shoot Thor’s Well before we left Waldport and headed north?

Ya think?DSC_2410

Do you see near the center of the Well a light area? Click on the photo.

It’s light reflecting off the ocean surface as it comes through a hole in the bottom/side of the Well! So, although we see some water draining down the edges of the Well from the surface up here, that hole can also bring water gushing up into the Well!

The process happens kind of like this.DSC_2313



I had to turn to the right a little for that last shot, because the spray from the initial explosion to the left began to rain on me!

Even as the Well recovered from the wave that came from the left, it experienced a small blow from a wave to the right…there must be another hole to it from over that way.

We could roll north from Waldport now.DSC_2454